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Postpone the FISM ACM (August. 2021 update)

We were trying to make it possible to hold the event without rescheduling, even if there was a small chance. We apologize for the delay in reporting this, but we would like to inform you that FISM ASIA has decided to postpone the FISM ACM as follows.

We will inform you of any details that cannot be included in this notice (due to unresolved issues). This is all the information we can provide at this time. The latest information will be posted on the FISM ASIA website.

As a basic premise, it is difficult for Asian countries to easily travel to Busan, South Korea, where the ACM will be held at this time, and this situation will not change in the coming months.

This information will also be posted on Facebook, but in order to ensure uniformity of information throughout Asia, the FISM ASIA website will take precedence. Even if you find this information on any website, please make sure you fully understand the authenticity of any content that is not included in the official information.


Postponement of the date of the ACM

At this time, it has been announced that the ACM will be held in Busan in November 2021, but this date will be postponed. Therefore, the ACM will not be held on this date.


When is the ACM going to be held?

We will make a final decision in October 2021, but for now we are planning to hold the ACM in March 2022. So far, no postponement of the FISM WCM has been announced, so the Asian Championship must be completed by the stipulated deadline. An email will be sent to all club presidents, Contestants and the ACM registrants when a decision is made.


Current Selection Results (to the ACM) for Contestants

Those Contestants who have been approved by FISM ASIA at this time will continue to maintain their rights. However, if they wish to relinquish their rights (by themselves), they must contact the President of their club and then contact FISM ASIA by president.  FISM ASIA or the President of your club will not change your rights as a result of the postponement without your consent.


About Registration

In order to avoid confusion, we are temporarily suspending new applications.


For Contestants

We anticipate that the schedule will be tight from the time the date is confirmed in October until the date of the ACM. Therefore, please prepare the following information as early as possible.

    • Photographs…for the brochure
    • Video…for the backstage staff to check your performance before the contest.
    • Photocopy of your passport…the page with your photo (regardless of expiration date, but it must be the most recent)
    • Cue sheet…We will send you the format of the cue sheet again, but please try to keep it concise.
    • Sound source…Not the sound source itself, but the copyright information and source should be clear.
    • Fire…If you will be using fire, please clarify the details of the item and the chemicals to be used.
    • Items that need to be procured locally and items that need to be taken into consideration… Summarize items that are difficult to bring in from abroad or that need to be taken into consideration on stage, such as water, animals, oil, and items associated with fire.


This information will be sent to those Contestants whose e-mail addresses we have already received, but we also ask that the president of each club (and anyone else who receives this information) notify us so that we can spread this information.

Obituary News: Mr. Song-u AN (A.K.A. Mr. Yuji YASUDA)

We cannot easily accept the fact that we can no longer meet you. We certainly remember your efforts.

Whether the word “bridge” is correct, it may also be called “coordinator”. Your enthusiasm was tremendous. There were times when you weren’t rewarded, but you were consistently striving. We think that it was known not only to the magic world of South Korea and North Korea, but also to the magic world of Asia and the world.

We felt very sad when you told us that you were sick, and at the same time we believed that you would definitely come back. When we received a report that you had successfully completed the surgery and were discharged from the hospital, we even thought, “It’s Mr. Yasuda’s strength!”

But sometimes heaven is cruel. We still needed you in our world. But heaven needed you and took you out of our world. We regret that we have to send you to heaven. However, it may be time for us to send you to heaven and support your success in heaven.

Finally, as FISM ASIA, a leader in the magic world of Asia, we are proud to have been on the Executive Board.
Please rest in peace. Thank you very much.

당신을 더 이상 볼 수 없다는 사실을 우리는 쉽게 받아들일 수 없습니다.당신이 애썼다는 거 저희는 확실히 기억하고 있어요.

가교라는 말이 맞는지 조정자라고도 할 수 있습니다.당신의 열정은 대단했어요.몇 번이고 보상받지 못할 때도 있었지만 당신은 굽히지 않고 일관되게 매진하고 있었습니다.그것은, 한국의 마술계, 북한의 마술계 뿐만이 아니라, 아시아 전 국토, 아니 세계의 마술계에도 알리고 있었다고 우리는 생각합니다.

당신이 병에 걸렸다는 것을 전했을 때, 매우 슬픈 기분과 동시에, 당신의 일이니 절대 복귀하리라 믿었습니다.당신이 수술도 무사히 마치고 퇴원했다는 보고를 우리가 받았을 때도 ‘역시 야스다 씨의 저력이야!’라고 생각했을 정도입니다.

하지만 때로 하늘은 잔인합니다.아직도 우리 세상에서 당신은 필요했어요.하지만 당신을 천국이 필요로 해서 우리 세계에서 데려가 버렸습니다.우리는 당신을 하늘나라로 떠나보내야 한다는 것에 대해 유감스럽게 생각합니다.그러나 우리는 당신을 하늘나라로 보내고 하늘나라에서의 활약을 응원할 때가 지금일지도 모릅니다.

마지막으로 우리 아시아 마술의 견인차인 FISM ASIA로서 당신이 Excutive Board로 있었다는 사실이 자랑스럽습니다.편안히 주무세요.고마웠습니다


On behalf of FISM ASIA

2018 (C) FISM ASIA

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