Obituary News: Mr. Santa Jim CHAN

JIM, a key member of MAHK, one of the FISM member clubs in Asia, passed away on August 13. We are pleased to report here that the funeral service was completed today (see the letter from Kenneth Chan, MAHK President, below for details).

For many years, he was an invaluable part of the Hong Kong and Asian magic community. Especially for the performers and staff at the shows who felt comfortable just having him backstage. I’ll miss him very much and don’t want to imagine that we won’t be able to see his face anymore as I can only remember his smile, but I want to pray for his soul and praise him for all he has done. I hope he will entertain many people in heaven.

On behalf of FISM ASIA




Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong (“MAHK”) announces with great sadness that Mr. Jim Chan (a.k.a. Santa Jim), the Programme Secretary of MAHK Executive Committee, passed away in Hong Kong on 13 August, 2020.


Apart from being a professional actor, magician, balloonist, Santa Jim was also a renowned mascot actor and creator, and the only “mascot magician” in Hong Kong. In 2009, Santa Jim won the “2009 Olympic Santa Claus” title in the annual “Santa Claus Winter Games” in Sweden. In 2013, he founded the Santa School Hong Kong.


In the world of magic, Santa Jim was an Inner Circle Member of MAHK, and an active member of International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin). He took active part in all MAHK theatre productions, both on stage and at backstage. He became the team leader of MAHK Voluntary Service Team in 1997, and managed our voluntary performances. In 2002, Santa Jim was elected to be a member of the MAHK Executive Committee, and had served as the Committee’s Programme Secretary until his sad departure yesterday.


Santa Jim made invaluable contributions and provided tremendous leadership and guidance to the establishment and development of MAHK. The MAHK Executive Committee expresses its deepest sorrow for his departure and conveys its deepest condolences to Santa Jim’s family.


On behalf of MAHK Executive Committee
Kenneth Chan

AEB Slots applied Contest (Hong Kong / Oct. 2019)

Gold Wizard Championships, which are scheduled to take place in Hong Kong from 11 to 13 October, 2019, will be the first international magic contest event to carry out the AEB Slots Scheme. The contest will form part of the Asia Magic Expo 2019.

If any of your members wishes to enter Gold Wizard Championships, please contact Kenneth Chan of Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong at . Alternatively you might also visit the website of Asia Magic Expo 2019  ( ).

According to the basic principle of FISM rules, a magician in Asia who wishes to participate in the FISM World Championships of Magic (“WCM”) must firstly participate in FISM Asian Championships of Magic (“ACM”) under the recommendation of a FISM member society in Asia. However, there are special situations where magicians might be unable to enter and/or attend an ACM. One such example is when a magician does not belong to any FISM member society, and therefore cannot enter ACM.

FISM ASIA Executive Board (“AEB”) established a new type of contest slots (“AEB Slots”) for ACM. A contest slot is the qualification to enter ACM. The introduction of AEB Slots Scheme has received support from FISM. The function of the scheme is to find talented magicians and assist them to elevate their talents from Asia to FISM WCM.

Only an AEB approved magic contest will be authorized to carry out the AEB Slots Scheme. Such contest does not have to be organized by a FISM member society, but it must take place within Asia. Magicians of any nationalities would be eligible to enter the contest. Magicians from any magic society would be eligible to enter the contest. The proceedings of the contest must be supervised by AEB. After being satisfied that the contest’s standard is in line with FISM WCM level, AEB would grant the approved number of AEB Slots to the winning contestant(s), according to the FISM Asia Rules.

This scheme provides the selected magicians the right to be qualified for ACM (not a right to enter WCM).


2018 (C) FISM ASIA

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