About FISM

The six Continental Presidents together with the Presidium constitute the FISM EXECUTIVE BOARD (FEB).

The Federation was created in 1948 and today consists of more than 95 magic societies, both national and international, as well as national Federations which represent over 50,000 magicians from some 50 countries.

FISM’s aims are:

  • to be a leading platform, unifying magic societies from all over the world, committed to the enhancement, promotion and development of the Art of Magic;
  • to develop, elevate, promote the art of magic and to preserve the knowledge of the history of magic;
  • to coordinate the activities of Member Societies, enhancing their authority and encouraging the exchange of reciprocal cooperation and services
  • to fight against exposure and copies of acts, effects or inventions, presentations or original routines
  • to organize international events such as the FISM World Championships of Magic and supervise Continental Championships of Magic.
  • The International President and two International Vice Presidents constitute the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

The International FISM President is Domenico DANTE (ITA); the International FISM Vice Presidents are Sats YAMAMOTO (JPN) and Peter DIN (FRA).

The members of the General Assembly are subdivided in six continental divisions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania. Each continental organization is run by its own Continental President.

The six Continental Presidents together with the Presidium constitute the FISM EXECUTIVE BOARD (FEB).


About FISM Asia

Each Continental Division is run by its own Board, represented by its Continental President…

The Asian Continental Division, being integral and inextricable part of the FISM, share the same aims as mentioned above with the understanding that the main mechanism through which it seeks to achieve these aims will be the organization of an Asian Championship of Magic (ACM) to be held, at least every 3 years.

According to the rule of FISM status, a FISM member Society within the Asia region would automatically belong to FISM ASIA. FISM ASIA is a regional branch of FISM and is not a Member Society itself.