FISM ACM2020 has been postponed
Please see here for more details

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Postpone the FISM ACM (August. 2021 update)

We were trying to make it possible to hold the event without rescheduling, even if there was a small chance ...
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Obituary News: Mr. Song-u AN (A.K.A. Mr. Yuji YASUDA)

We cannot easily accept the fact that we can no longer meet you. We certainly remember your efforts. Whether the ...
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Asia Magic Event Information – 2020/11/3@Tokyo, JP

Mr. Taiga Suzuki, a contestant at the last ACM 2017 and FISM WCM 2018, gave us this information. It is ...
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Posting of Event Information on the Site

Our magic industry is currently suffering from a new virus that is limiting the places and environments in which we ...
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