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Magic event (Hong Kong-2019/10)

This is an event announcement held by MAHK, a FISM member club, in October 2019 in Hong Kong. MAHK will apply for AEB Slots, which will be accepted by AEB, and a contest for AEB Slots (see here for de ...

Event Report (Busan-2019/7)

The world's first Basking Contest was held at Haeundae Beach at BIMF held in Busan, Korea at the end of June 2019. It was a great success with many spectators. This event is also an official event in ...

Steps for a FISM contestant

From Asian Countries, any contestant must come to compete FISM ACM to go FISM WCM. PDF is here ...
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How to use the Name?

The word “FISM” is an organization’s name. It is not the official name of an event. In various occasions, people had used the term “FISM” as the name of the magic events, and they were incorrect. Plea ...
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